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George Baldessin  Personage and umbrella 1970
Benjamin Armstrong  Plan and elevation 2017
Katherine Hattam Bridge Merri Creek 2013

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'Thirdspace' refers to a physical and social landscape where bodily and mental understandings of space meet, and acknowledges the ways that both tangible and emotional factors effect how we live our daily lives. It is a meeting ground for the real and the imagined, mind and body, consciousness and the unconscious, everyday life and history.

Bringing together works from the collection by modern and contemporary Australian printmakers, Thirdspace explores diverse representations of internal and external spaces, and how artists have perceived the ways these relate to one another. Impressions of domestic life, formal and physical restrictions, the potential of imagination and depictions of emotional realms are brought forth through a variety of printmaking techniques, inviting reflections on how public and personal spaces are navigated and understood.