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Best Family Feeds

Best Family Feeds

What makes a good family feed?

In my book it’s something that avoids the battle-of-wills with the tiny gang members who call you Mum while simultaneously delivering enough flavor that grown ups can enjoy it too.

My favourite family feed was in Queenscliff recently. Our whole extended brood were there for our ‘pop-up’ wedding at the Vue Grand (after thirteen years of living in sin and two bastard children, we decided to make it legit). We were at a loose end for lunch and someone suggested Henrietta’s on the balcony at the Espy.

I’m not channeling Goldilocks when I say everything was ‘just right’ – it quite literally was. The menu had options for family-sized mixed packs that covered the table in charcoal chicken, chips, salads, gravy and sauces. The salads themselves deserved a decent amount of plate-real estate (especially the ‘Ancient Grains’). We threw in some corn and wings and shared a massive feast (and a few Little Creatures beers) with ten of our favourite people. Brilliant.

Some of our other favourite spots to feed the family are:

  • Deakin Waterfront Kitchen is one of the places I’m sometimes jealous of the kids meals….eggs and soldiers for brekkie! And they'll give your little peeps a colouring book and crayons. Everyone's happy!
  • The Teahouse at Geelong Botanic Gardens. The team from P&G Bakery Café are now delivering their signature goodies and coffee in the gorgeous surrounds of the gardens with plenty of beautiful green lawn space for kids to run around.
  • At The Heads in Barwon Heads. Sit the kids near a window – the promise of a play on the beach after lunch will guarantee angelic behavior!
  • Flying Brick Cider House - lots of grass for kids to run around, and a nice table under an umbrella for grown ups to enjoy their food and drinks!