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Epic Adventure Pics… From Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads

A visit to Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads can be more than a relaxing beach break.  There's energy to be burned and adrenaline rushes to be had.

Here's some EPIC proof... 


Jumping from a perfectly good plane sounds insane!  Insane-ly good that is!

Captured by @callum_ged


Not sure how this was done... but it looks like he is walking on water.

Captured by @chrismores


Getting a natural high... from 16,000 feet up!

Captured by @tommy_siera


Stoked!  This was taken at Rafs, a hot spot between Ocean Grove Main and the Barwon Heads River.

Captured by @coreboardsports


Go and make your own adventure with these awesome ideas!


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