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Holy Canola!

Holy Canola!

Living on the Bellarine is pretty cool at this time of year. Fields of golden canola all over the place.       I want to run through them like Maria from the Sound of Music, or a small child in a wonderland.

Others, like my hubby, think it's the best time to pull out the whiz bang digital camera that they haven't used all year to take a few snaps.

From where we live, in Portarlington, the best view is captured with the fabulous You Yangs in the background as well. 

Here are some of my fav pics found on Instagram



canola fields @darriantraynor


 canola @glenn_marshall_photography


canola @johno_from_ozg



This beauty, also our main image at the top of the page, is by Pete James Photography. He snapped it in Grubb Road Ocean Grove early one September morning.

Pete James Canola