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Mountain to Mouth - What's that all about?

Mountain to Mouth - What's that all about?

So I heard about this 80 km walk last year where people carried a canoe from the You Yangs to somewhere down the Bellarine. I was like, whaaat??? 

A year on and the event is back on my radar and I needed to know more. I started seeing these cool images of peoples legs dotted around different locations, with the call to action  “Walk this land”

I was intrigued, but lets be honest, an 80 km walk for me is probably not on the cards but then I discovered this: 

Mountain to Mouth. 80km 12km 3km. You choose the distance. You choose the challenge

Now 3 or 12 km might just be achievable for me and I haven’t been to the You Yangs for years. I keep talking about visiting them as I look across at them from my home in Portarlington, so this was my motivation to get involved.

I also like the fact that this is so much more than just a walk. There is culture, art, history and collaboration with the indigenous people of this land we live on.

This is what the organisers have to say:

"Geelong's 80km Extreme Arts Walk. You choose the distance, you choose the challenge.

Be part of an 80km extreme arts journey of discovery over two days and 11 stages. M~M begins at the You Yangs mountain range, crosses Geelong’s industrial heartland at nightfall and arrives in the city centre to collide with Geelong After Dark, Central Geelong's pop up night of arts.

At dawn the next day, follow the Barwon River through rolling Bellarine farmland, along ocean beach to reach the river mouth at sunset.

The route is punctuated with edgy artworks commissioned for M~M, bringing people together through shared experiences of extreme arts that celebrate our land. In the tradition of Wadawurrung, M~M creates a contemporary songline across the Geelong and Queenscliffe regions."

Did you pick up on the bit about Geelong After Dark? Sounds pretty cool doesn't it?

I reckon that's an awesome way to celebrate after your first day of walking the trail.

Geelong is making a real statement these days connecting with it's cultural and artistic side and it's exciting to see events like this engaging more people from the community and bringing even more visitors to see the new "cool" Geelong.

So what's the next step you ask, pardon the pun. Well my calendar is clear that weekend, is yours? Registrations are open so take a look right now.

See you along the way hopefully!