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Three workshops in the Moorabool Valley to make your foodie heart sing.

Three workshops in the Moorabool Valley to make your foodie heart sing.

Be still, your beating foodie heart. Immerse yourself in the culinary goodness of the Moorabool Valley with a hands-on workshop with a gastronomic guru at the helm.
Here are three Moorabool Valley foodie workshops to get you (and your heart) started.

Gourmet Fetta and Traditional Sourdough Bread Workshop

It’s a make-from-scratch match made in heaven and brought to earth at Magic Meadow, a self-sustained farm where growing and producing is more than a livelihood, it’s a lived-and-breathed lifestyle. During this full-day hands-on workshop, you’ll not only skill-up for new culinary adventures, you’ll get to see how a fair dinkum 80% self-sustaining farm works. Ever longed to heave a loaf of fresh-baked sourdough from the oven and listen to the cooling crust crackle?

Cheese-making may seem like smoke and mirrors, but you’ll feel like you’ve snuck into the inner sanctum when you get to learn the secrets of making fetta. At day’s end, take home your handiwork including at least three loaves of sourdough bread and approximately 1kg of gourmet fetta cheese, as well as your own “mother” bread starter. Bring along your apron and a swag of culinary curiosity.

Hand-Rolled Chocolate Truffles

Learn how the great chocolatiers of the world create delectable sweet treats at Moorabool Valley Chocolates. Join a small-sized class in the chocolaterie on a Saturday afternoon getting skilled in coating pre-made truffle fillings with chocolate and rolling them in toppings of your choice. Take home a presentation box filled with your masterpieces. I’m betting they don’t all survive the trip home.

Plate of Provenance – farming, cooking, wining and dining

Seize the day. A whole day on Sage Farm to unravel the mysteries of paddock to plate. Join Chris, SageFarm’s regenerative farmer, and a guest chef for an experience like no other. Begin with a walking tour of the farm where you get to understand the farming practices behind 100% grass fed beef and lamb, and the on-farm artisan butchery. Then it’s into the kitchen to roll-up your sleeves and conjure up an epicurean feast under chef’s guidance.

Finally, you reap the rewards – enjoy the meal you’ve co-created with a glass of wine overlooking the Moorabool Valley while partaking in sublime conversation about food politics, ethical food consumption and whatever else takes your fancy. Sigh.