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Boxwood Concert Queenscliff

Boxwood Festival

50 Learmonth Street
Queenscliff, Victoria 3225

0439 019 937

Boxwood Concert Queenscliff

This concert celebrates and shares musical traditions from across the globe including Ireland, Nova Scotia, France, America and Australia. The stage will be shared between international heroes of traditional instruments and some of Australia’s most accomplished and established voices in traditional and early music styles.

Chris Norman (CAN) - flute, smallpipes, song
Catherine McEvoy (IRE) - flute
Tim Cummings (USA) - smallpipes, whistle
Shelley Phillips (USA) - harp, oboe
Rob Zielenski (AUS) - fiddle
Shane Lestideau (AUS) - fiddle
Andy Rigby (AUS) - harp
Declan Simpson (AUS) - guitar, fiddle

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