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Focal Point Darkroom & Gallery

46 Douro Street
North Geelong, Victoria 3215

03 4222 8359

Darkroom Workshop - Introduction to Darkroom Printing

After completing a black and white film processing workshop, Darkroom will walk you through the process of making a silver gelatin print from your negatives in Darkroom Workshop - Introduction to Darkroom Printing. This session will equip you to successfully analyse the quality of a negative, select the best images from your contact sheet, create a test strip to assess the tonal quality of your print exposure and make an enlargement. This workshop is fantastic for analogue photographers wanting the confidence to work independently in the darkroom.

Who would this workshop suit? Suitable for those who have completed our black and white film processing workshop or for those who have basic darkroom knowledge and would like to learn how to make prints from their negatives.

All darkroom materials are included. This includes up to max of 10 sheets of 8”x10” photographic paper. Comprehensive handouts are supplied. Bring along your contact sheet and black and white negatives.
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