What's On

Natural Dyeing Workshop

Fabric of Humanity

5 Rutland Street
Newtown, Victoria 3220

0430 426 331

Introduction & discussion on the craft & practise of Natural Dyeing Workshop

You are invited to an afternoon of uplifting conversation, led by Kathy Williams, Fabric of Humanity Co-Founder on the craft and practise of Natural Dyeing.

Kathy brings over 25years experience in the art of Natural Dyeing and Textiles and draws on the centuries-old cultural wisdom of artisans to introduce the theory, applications, practises and benefits of Natural Dyes.

With a beauty, durability and intensity that can only be achieved through this ancient alchemic art-form they will explore:

history, tradition
incorporating into a contemporary textile practise
zero waste process
plant extraction
health & therapeutic properties
breakdown of preparation & techniques vital to a successful practise
discussion & philosophy
myth busters & perspective of the craft dyer v designer professional
questions & answers (always welcomed, no silly questions here)
Practitioners and crafters of all levels and expertise, whether you are just starting out on your journey or are an experienced designer are welcomed for an evening of explorative conversation towards a sustainable and ethical future world of textiles.

2.45pm for 3pm start
4.30pm concludes