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Leura Park Estate

1400 Portarlington Road
Curlewis, Victoria 3222

03 5253 3180

Shakespeare in the Vines - Macbeth Leura Park

Macbeth is undoubtedly one of Shakespeare’s most powerful and popular works, a classic tale of power, superstition and madness. Tempted by the prophecies of three mysterious witches and encouraged by his power hungry wife, Macbeth’s ambition to be King of Scotland leads him into a nightmarish world of evil, deceit, and murder. Shakespeare’s rousing tragedy if filled with ferocious battles, supernatural horrors, stunning language and some of the Bard’s most vivid characters.

In a time where people are hooked on Game of Thrones and Black Mirror - where political ambition drives decisions at any cost, Essential Theatre takes it back to where it all began.

As the sun sets, the dark night approaches and the witches come out to play let yourself be taken on this tremendous journey.

Leura Park Estate has hosted sell-out Shakespeare in the Vines events every year since 2011 and is delighted to present such a fabulous concept over two nights.

Cast: Alex Aldrich - Lady Macbeth; Jason Cavanagh - Duncan/McDuff; Brianagh Curran - Witch; Sharon Davis - Witch; Briony Farrell - Witch; Owen Little - Macbeth; Christian Taylor - Banquo/Ross; Matthew Whitty - Malcolm.
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