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Captured! Geelong's Street Art

If you've got two feet and a heart beat, you can take yourself on a walking tour of some of the coolest, most attention grabbing street art you will see in Australia.

Geelong's new wave of vibrant street art has transformed the streets and lanes into colourful public artwork, celebrating diverse themes and artistic styles.

Want to know the hottest spots to explore the art? Central Geelong (Minns Lane; James Street, Dennys Place) and Powerhouse. Of course search #geelongstreetart on Instagram to see all the new stuff - as it happens.


Some of our absolute faves...


Captured by @allthoseshapes via Instagram


Captured by @neonblonde


Captured by @dingo_dude via Instagram


Captured by @charlimaeparty via Instagram

Captured by @kezzah via Instagram


Captured by @mrstevecross via Instagram.


Know any more street art hot spots in Geelong and on The Bellarine?  Let us know your favourites!

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