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Easy Eats in Ocean Grove

Easy Eats in Ocean Grove


Whether you’re powering up for a day on the beach or refueling after time spent soaking up those beach vibes, Ocean Grove well and truly has you covered. From appetites of ravenous proportions to feelings of vague peckishness, from vegan delights to monster burgers and sweet treats to savoury pleasures. There is something to suit everybody’s taste in Ocean Grove and all served up in an affordable, relaxed and friendly manner.


Driftwood Cafe

Wash up slowly (or fast if you are really hungry) at Driftwood Café. Sit on down, place your coffee order and then take your time exploring the menu. Driftwood’s philosophy of using fresh, free range, seasonal and organic produce from local suppliers shines through in their menu offerings. They also have an extensive drinks menu that features local wines and beers (such as Baie Wines, Southern Brewing Bay Co, Basils Farm and many more).

A wise person once said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what you eat sets the tone of your day. Well, set your tone to the highest of standards with the copious breakfast offerings at Driftwood.  Featuring an entire page dedicated to the super-food “eggs”.  From classic eggs Benedict to Umbrian eggs to English fry up to Eggs Royale - there's an egg-stensive selection just for you! We thoroughly recommend Driftwood’s “Pulled Pork Hash” which gives you a double protein hit with pulled pork and eggs. 

Rolling Pin Pies and Cakes

Ask a local surfer what they crave after a session in the sea, and they will undoubtedly mention a meat pie. Well, cure that craving and exceed all expectations with an award-winning pie from Rolling Pin. (Also enjoyed by non-surfers). 

Rolling Pin have won over 250 awards (yep, you read that correctly), including twice being named “Australia’s Best Pies” and twice judged “Australia’s Best Pasties”. In 2016 they also won “Australia’s Best Gourmet Pie” for their Country Lamb and Rosemary Pie. In fact their menu includes over 20 pastry options, 15 of which are award winning!

And if, after devouring one of these pastry perfections, you still have some room, Rolling Pin also offer an array of mouth-watering cakes and slices. Sneaky 'snot-block' anyone?

Mr Grubb Oakdene

Enjoy the offerings of a winery with the casual dining of a café at Mr Grubb Oakdene. You can sit and enjoy a glass of Oakdene’s finest and feast upon the Mr Grubb menu, all while basking in the surroundings of the tranquil birch trees. Breakfast, lunch AND dinner are all on offer.

However, for taste and value for money, one cannot go past Mr Grubb’s $16 Dinner Specials menu. The choice is easy with such classics like steak, pizza, pie or burgers. Personally our eyes stop scanning the menu when we come across a Mr. Grubb's signature schnitzel, loaded up with sauce, cheese and ham - that’s right the good ol’ parma. Mr Grubb certainly knows how to do this classic justice!

Piping Hot Chicken and Burger Grill

Winter is coming… With the promise of brisk mornings and cold nights, comfort food is a must. An iconic OG institution, Piping Hot Chicken and Burger Grill will surely satisfy those winter cravings. Hyped up in Delicious Magazine, Lonely Planet and even Vogue Italia, don't worry about disappointment and let your expectations be smashed.

The fame that surrounds Piping Hot’s burgers is warranted; they are a taste sensation. The burgers are ground on site from 100% Australian prime beef then topped with tantalizing accompaniments such as marmalade bacon, crispy onion rings, blue cheese, brie and on and on the list goes.  A special mention to the signature burger “The Vanessa Jenkins”, it is big (double bacon and double cheese), it is messy (featuring special house sauce) and it is positively scrumptious. 


For those of you looking for a slightly less messy menu, Kyosk delivers numerous healthy options oozing flavour. Kyosk pride themselves on using organic and raw ingredients where possible, so not only does the flavour pop with freshness but so does the colour. It's a culinary and visual combination that pops! 

With weekly specials you will want to keep returning to Kyosk to see what they come up with next, or stick to a favourite on the featured menu items such as their “Chickpea Pancakes”. With carrot, cauliflower, chilli, spring onions, coriander and greek yoghurt, these tasty savoury pancakes will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied.


Good food is a source of nourishment, energy and happiness. The bounty of food within Ocean Grove delivers all three of these and with absolute ease and convenience.