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3 Tasty Drysdale Treats

3 Tasty Drysdale Treats

  The hills around Drysdale are fertile and lend themselves to some seriously good produce.

  1. Tuckerberry Hill – in season, grab a bucket and do your own picking of blueberries and strawberries. Taste some of the berry-nice delicacies at the on site café showcasing the produce – muffins, slices and ice cream to name a few. 



  1. Drysdale Cheeses – there’s a reason you’ll find Drysdale Cheese on the best local menus – because it’s seriously, seriously good. The cheese is handmade locally and the herd of happy goats live on Scotchmans Road.


  1. White Fisheries – OK, technically not ‘produced’ in the Drysdale hills, but the shop in Murradoc Road sells fresh seafood from nearby waters (and some further away). The shop is located within the wholesale factory and has a gleaming display of seasonal, fresh fish, oysters, mussels, crayfish and prawns.