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Dave's Family Favourite Things to Do

Dave's Family Favourite Things to Do

I'm just a dad. A fun dad! On the weekends I like to teach my kids that life isn't all about homework and chores. As a Geelong local, I love using the kids as an excuse to check out all the ‘family-fun’ activities in and around Geelong.

Here are some of the places recommended. I like to call them 'DAVE'S FAVS!


Barrabool Maze

We’ve only driven 15 minutes out of Geelong and it feels like we’re in a remote country village.

The maze is an adventure for the kids as they run through finding their way around. 

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always seem to lose them, which turns into an adventure for me (they wouldn’t hide from me on purpose, would they 🤔?).

We also love wandering through the gardens, finding all the little hidden details scattered throughout.

The onsite café makes for the perfect spot for arvo tea and some coffee, keeping the kids where I can see them is also a bonus. 


Fairy Park

It may not be Disney Land, but there’s a castle, mystical characters, and a nostalgic feeling when you head to this Geelong institution.

Whenever we visit, we pack a picnic and enjoy some lunch before discovering the magical vibe of this place. The interactive displays are great to entertain the little ones, pressing buttons and finding the hidden treasures in the pathway gardens as we explore.

After all the exploring we always need a good hour at the awesome playground, the kids just LOVE IT!    


The Carousel

Whenever we need to get out of the house for some fresh air, a stroll down the Waterfront always does the trick. We usually follow the bollard trail, stop at the playground and then hit up The Carousel.

The Carousel is an Armitage-Herschell portable steam-driven, hand-carved wooden carousel that was constructed in 1892 and is one of only 200 in operation around the world! Not that the kids really understand the history or the mechanics behind this landmark, they just love the ride.


MoPA AKA the Museum of Play and Art is what I like to call, an art gallery the kids can touch and can’t break (perfect for little curious hands).

Everyone I have told about this place thanks me for the recco, that's because they become the coolest parents/grandparents ever. It’s hard keeping up with the kids as the excitement kicks in and they run around testing and trying out everything.

Did you promise the wife a perfect snap for the gram? Ha! Try getting them to sit still for long enough. It doesn’t matter though, with serious 10/10 reviews from the little ones, that’s all that counts! 


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