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Wheely Good Family Fun

Wheely Good Family Fun

The wheels are a turning in and around Geelong and the Bellarine. Working hard in their circular motion to bring you fun that you will twist, turn and twirl you right around. So many activities and experiences that centre around the mighty invention of the wheel. The time has come to roll on up and get into some wheely good family fun.        

The Bike Tracks

Let’s start with one the classic wheeled vehicle - the humble bicycle. Geelong and the Bellarine is home to magnificent riding tracks and trails. Spread throughout the area, these pathways offer you anything from a leisurely pedal to a challenging circuit, every one with picturesque of vistas. 

For all you mountain bike riders, there's the mountain mecca at You Yangs Regional Park. Over 50 kilometers of designated, exciting and environmentally sustainable trails that cater for riders of all ages and ability.  Choose your extreme level and have yourself a gnarly ride!   

Then there are the share paths. Eight in total to choose from, but why choose? Make your way through the list. Maybe this Sunday take to the Bellarine Rail Trail and cycle along part or all of the 35-kilometre trail that links South Geelong to Queenscliff following the historical railway line. Perhaps the next round you opt for the Barwon River Trail - 20 kilometres of sealed pathsalong both banks of the river. So many trails, so much fun!

The Carousel

Hop on board the ultimate revolution of fun; the majestical carousel, and Geelong Waterfront is lucky enough to have one of their very own. Housed within a resplendent glassed pavilion are 36 horses and two noble chariots, built circa 1892.    

The Carousel at the Geelong Waterfront is a beautifully restored Armitage-Herschell portable steam driven, hand-carved wooden carousel and it is available for you to ride in all its glory. Choose your stead, climb on into the saddle and set about on a 360-degree journey that will see you taking in the glorious views of Corio Bay.       

Giant Sky Wheel

Big wheel, observation wheel, giant wheel or Ferris wheel. Whatever name you call it, the clear fact remains, this WHEEL is magically nostalgic, enchantingly enthralling and fantastically fun.    

Located on the Geelong Waterfront (seasonally) is The Giant Sky Wheel; the largest travelling Ferris wheel in the southern hemisphere! Step into your carriage and soar to the headiest of heights. The birds eye view of the Geelong Waterfront and surrounding bay is phenomenal.     

Adventure Park

Adventure is most certainly a theme at Adventure Park, but there's also plenty of ways to spin around. Adventure Park certainly know the capability of the wheel and they certainly know how to maximise it.             

Where to begin? The Grand Carousel will spin you round and round, up and down. The wicked Wave Swinger will lift you high and take you on an orbital journey. The twisted Tornado sees you board a totally tubular raft and weave, wind and whirl down Adventure Park’s newest water slide. The Kids Train gives you that much needed rest break as the trusty transport allows you to put your feet up. The Little Buggy Speedway permits kids to take the wheel and drive themselves around their very own race track. 

Wow! Told you that they tapped into the power of the wheel!    

The Skate Parks

The skateboard - wood with four wheels, built for epic enjoyment. Geelong and the Bellarine is a haven for skating, with a host of skate parks and one  of Australia's most ground breaking indoor parks. 

Opened in 2013, The Park is THE largest indoor skatepark in Australia and boasts THE largest indoor vert ramp in the Southern hemisphere. Open to not only skateboards but also those of alternative wheeled persuasions (scooters, inline skaters and BMX), The Parl includes a 40ft wide mini ramp, a 90ft vert ramp, a concrete street course, indoor mini mega ramp and a 3ft high kids ramp. And all this is right here in Geelong!

Looking to sharpen your skateboarding skills in the outdoors? Well the quantity and calibre of concrete practice areas for you and your wheels in Geelong and The Bellarine is rock solid. We have more skate parks per capita than any other municipality in Australia! Check out the insane bowl at Barwon Heads, the killer vert ramp at Waurn Ponds and the rails at the Waterfront (Geelong). There are so many ramps, half pipes, quarter pipes, rails and bowls strewn throughout our region that you will master your tricks in no time!     

The big wheels do keep on turning in and around Geelong and The Bellarine.